Podcast Review Directory

As the number of Podcast Reviews have began to accumulate, it might have become a bit more difficult to find the review that you are looking for. In order to help alleviate that situation, I will be providing links here to each review.

Podcast Review #34: Assam and Darjeeling

Podcast Review #33: Transistor Radio

Podcast Review #32: Half Share

Podcast Review #31: Red Panda, Season One

Podcast Review #30: Goblin Market

Podcast Review #29: Cybrosis

Podcast Review #28: Hoad’s Grim

Podcast Review #27: Earthcore

Podcast Review #26: Down from Ten

Podcast Review #25: The Zombie Chronicles: Book 1: Escape

Podcast Review #24: Morevi Remastered

Podcast Review #23: New World Orders

Podcast Review #22: The Gearheart

Podcast Review #21: The White Shadow Saga: The Stolen Moon of Londor

Podcast Review #20: Tattoo

Podcast Review #19: Nina Kimberly the Merciless

Podcast Review #18: The Rookie

Podcast Review #17: Metamor City – Making the Cut

Podcast Review #16: 7th Son: Book 1 – Descent

Podcast Review #15: Archangel: Through the Valley of Shadow

Podcast Review #14: The Dreamer’s Thread

Podcast Review #13: Ravenwood

Podcast Review #12: Spherical Tomi: A Novel of Despair

Podcast Review #11: Chasing the Bard

Podcast Review #10: Max Quick 1: The Pocket and the Pendant

Podcast Review #9: Playing for Keeps

Podcast Review #8: V&A Shipping

Podcast Review #7: Murder at Avedon Hill

Podcast Review #6: Quarter Share

Podcast Review #5: Weather Child

Podcast Review #4: Harvey

Podcast Review #3: The Antithesis Progression Book One: Predestination and Other Games of Chance

Podcast Review #2: Tumbler

Podcast Review #1: Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword

6 Responses to “Podcast Review Directory”

  1. Cool, nice repository of reviews here, I’ll have to check them out.

    • Looks like you’ve all ready started making good use of it. I hope you will find something to give a listen to that you hadn’t heard before. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I’m surprised you haven’t done any reviews of a Scott Sigler book, any reason? Thanks and keep up the great work.

    • I haven’t reviewed any of his horror/science fiction yet, but I did review The Rookie just last week in Podcast Review *18. However, if you ever have a suggestion of something you would like to see review, please let me know either here or on Twitter, and thanks again for the comment!

  3. This was a very help full and interesting site. I had already listened to everything on this list so I know you know your stuff. Thanks Lucy

    • Everything? Wow. Good show. I’m glad you have enjoyed them to this point, but feel free to disagree when you feel I’m in error. A new review drops every Monday morning.

      Thanks again for your time.

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