Weiner dog song

A couple of weeks ago, Jeffrey Hite prompted everyone to submit a weiner dog song on his Great Hites podcast. I am not a song writer, but I am quite snarky, so I tweeted the following back, and no, I didn’t submit because the accompanying tune is copyrighted.

Sing with me:

Ohhhhh…. I wish I were a dog shaped like a weiner!
Without a single nit or tick or flea,
Cause if I were a dog shaped like a weiner,
I wouldn’t have to bend so low to …

Wait, sorry bad visual there I’m sure. Unfortunately, now I can’t get the blasted thing out of my head!

What would your weiner dog song sound like?

~ by odin1eye on 1 September, 2009.

4 Responses to “Weiner dog song”

  1. I will now be unsubscibing to this blog cause that song will be stuck in my head ALL DAY LONG!!!!! (I kid)

  2. aaarrrgh! If I had seen this a week ago it would have been _in_ the GH special!!!!

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