Podcast Review: Why I do it

Last week, Scott Roche (whose Archangel story was reviewed just this week in Podcast Review #15) asked something along the lines of “Are people not criticizing each others writing in this group on Twitter because we genuinely care for each other and don’t want to hurt each others feelings?

What transpired was a really interesting conversation with fans, authors and me all chiming in (it’s my blog, I get to be my own group). There was a consensus from many that they wouldn’t be hurt if someone said they didn’t care for the authors work, as long as they could be constructive with it. A few didn’t care whether it was stated constructively or not. I thought it interesting (but a very good thing) that not a single author said “I’d rather not hear anything negative from a fan about my work”.

If any author’s out there read this,  I would like to say, I’d be happy to critique your work anytime you’re interested. I have no problems telling anyone what I like or dislike, and I think I am generally a pretty positive person, so you can count on not just getting trashed. Two items though: 1) I won’t do it on the general feed on Twitter. 2) I won’t do it here.

Why, you might ask? (Seriously, if you’re not curious you might as well skip the next two paragraphs.) Well, I won’t answer on Twitter, because what I might find great and/or annoying might be the opposite of someone else. That is fair, but if I’m offering you my perspective on your work, I don’t want to stir up controversy on Twitter. That isn’t why I’m on Twitter, and I know myself well enough to know I wouldn’t back down because I’m in a minority. In fact, that question was asked during the discussion. “If 99 people liked a story, would you be able to say you didn’t?” (paraphrased, i don’t remember the EXACT wording) Yes, yes I would.

I also won’t write about it here, because I have set up these reviews for a specific reason. Those reasons do not include becoming my rant/rave platform on random things that I love/hate. If that is what you want, there are lots of other blogs out there that can help. Good blogs. Blogs that I read weekly.

My reason for doing these reviews is with the hope of trying to help YOU my readers (however few you might be, LOL) find a story you can hopefully love. As I stated on Twitter, I’m not doing these for the author’s (although most seem to appreciate and a few seem to ignore) and I’m really not even doing it for me. I am trying to give a guide that will help people find content they want to give a shot. Now, when I review a podcast I love, I will tell you that, and will tell you why. When I review a podcast that didn’t do it for me, I will tell you that. And I will tell you why. BUT, it will STILL be in the vein of trying to help someone find that story that might like it. *SPOILER ALERT One of those is coming next week (oh no, something Odin didn’t like? Whatever could it be? hmmm… I wonder where you could find out?) And guess what? Yeah, I’m definitely one of the 1 out of 100 that didn’t care for it.

Does any of this make me an authority on anything? Yup. I am an authority on what I like, AND on what I’m trying to do here. I really only have three rules for stories that will be reviewed here. One, they have to be podio fiction. I don’t do magazines or compilations. Two, they have to be complete. Three, I won’t accept any kind of incentive or compensation.

Do I have to like them? Nope. Is that going to keep me from suggesting them? Nope, because I sincerely hope someone does. But I will be truthful in the reviews, as I always have.

For those of you that have commented in the past that you found something you liked? Well, let me thank you. You keep me looking for new podcasts to listen to, and yes, finish, whether I like them or not. LOL.

Thank you.

~ by odin1eye on 8 February, 2010.

6 Responses to “Podcast Review: Why I do it”

  1. This is why I soooo dig Odin’s reviews! After a review, I have a good idea if I would like it as much as he does (or doesn’t like it as much).

    Too many reviewers come across like everything they hate is crap and anything they like – you just *have* to like. Odin is one of those bloggers who has the attitude of a conversation in his “monologues”. Readers, know you are respected.

    I love podcasts and podcast novels, Odin’s reviews remind me why.

    • Thank you so much for the kind comment. I would thank you of course even if it weren’t, LOL. I do have to say, I think you’ve “got” what I’m trying to do. Monologues? LOL… I like that.. monologuers are allowed snarkiness right? Oh yeah, bring on the next monologue! Thanks again sir!

  2. I know for a fact that you know what you are doing. Because only people who can listen, know, what sounds bad.

  3. You need to trash The Gearheart so we can get some controversy up in here! That would REALLY help the author! 😉

    • As soon as you finish it, I will be happy to trash it here, in true Podcast Review form… (I’m an ep behind, so as long as it didn’t finish in ep 35, I’ll have to be patient, eh?) BTW, did I hear a “ding”. Yes, I think I did.

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