Podcast Review #30: Goblin Market

Title: Goblin Market
Author: Jennifer Hudock
Genre: Fantasy
Located: iTunes, Author’s Site
Formats Available: podcast only at this time
Rating: PG for mild violence and one scene of amorous kissing stuff

One of the nicest surprises I’ve received in podcast listening in recent times was Starla Huchton’s The Dreamer’s Thread. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I have actively sought out works by members of her cast. In doing so, I came across Jennifer Hudock’s Goblin Market. I wish I could say I immediately started listening, however, that wouldn’t be the truth.

I love doing these reviews. I have listened to multiple works of podiofiction that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise (with mixed results). However, these reviews have also changed my listening habits. I used to be an avid subscriber of new podfiction, if an author failed along the way, it made me sad, but it was no great loss. Now, I just don’t have the time. (Awe, I can hear you crying for me. It’s okay. Really.) In my effort to try to keep reviewing new material for you, I now subscribe, but wait until the story is close to ending before I dive in.

Well, Goblin Market ended yesterday, and I was ready….

So, on to the review.

Synopsis: Meredith Drexler has been the sole caretaker for her young sister Christina ever since their father went away. Sacrificing her life and her freedom to ensure Christina has a better life, Merry’s only escape from the monotony of every day life is her daydreams. When Christina arrives home late one evening speaking in delirious riddles, Meredith discovers her sister has been poisoned by Goblin fruit obtained in the Goblin Market.

She must travel to the heart of the Goblin Kingdom to retrieve the antidote to save her sister’s life, but at a price no sister should ever have to pay. Along the way, Meredith falls in love with the forest god who names himself her consort, and discovers a strange truth about her past and her identity.
(stolen from the author’s site.

Production: Where to start. I would love to be able to tell you how wonderful the production is. Unfortunately, I can’t. In fact the first several eps are painfully poor as far as production values. And yes, I do mean painfully. Feel free to argue the point if you feel inclined, however, Ms. Hudock has pointed this out herself and has acknowledged that the first seven episodes will being rerecorded.

Cast: Goblin Market is an author read story and Ms. Hudock does a fine job. She isn’t a Sigler or a Hutchins, but her characters do live through her and I was content with her performance.

Story: The Goblin Market is in reality a very simple story. It starts at point A and proceeds in a fairly straightforward manner to point B. I’m not saying it won’t surprise you or that it is uninteresting. Just simple. I will also say the characters are somewhat two dimensional. As character driven as I am, this wasn’t an issue for me. Why? Read on.

Verdict: In the first episode Ms. Hudock states that her intention was to create a story in the fashion of a dark fairy tale. She succeeds. As far as characters in fairy tales go, aren’t they all rather straightforward? How well do you know Jack, or Goldilocks, etc? The characters are simply vehicles for the tale. If you enjoy fairy tales, I would definitely recommend The Goblin Market. I did enjoy it and am looking forward for the sequel (Goblin Market ends as a bit of a cliffhanger and sets up the sequel well.)

Disclosure: I do follow Ms. Hudock on Twitter. She is a pleasant and encouraging individual. However, she did not ask for this review nor offer anything in way of compensation.

~ by odin1eye on 23 May, 2010.

8 Responses to “Podcast Review #30: Goblin Market”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to listen and share your views on Goblin Market with your readers. I am in the process, for anyone interested in waiting to check out the podcast in full, of rerecording those early episodes. Episode one is in the bag, and I will be uploading it to my site sometime this week. I am also planning to add the novel to Podiobooks once the re-recording process is done. Ahhhh, so little to do, and so much time.

    Thanks again, and I’m glad you enjoyed the story.

    • I really did enjoy it and definitely enjoy something that, while not necessarily YA, is still SUV (will never own a minivan) friendly. Thanks for sharing your very enjoyable tale with us.

  2. Another stellar review by Odin1Eye. Kudos to Jennifer for committing to re-record the first seven episodes. This is a lot of work, but I’m sure it will improve the podiobook significantly.

    Regarding the characterization, this reminds me that almost any “rule” in writing can be broken; but there needs to be reasons for such departures. I haven’t listened to this podiobook yet (but I’m inclined to do so), but I would guess that characters that are two dimensional are so for a reason.

    Just as setting can become a character in a story, with it’s own flushed out development; characters can become like setting in a story – where development might not only be unnecessary, but could even be to the detriment of the story.

    Finally, I would like to thank the author for taking some big step – finishing a novel, recording it as a podcast, and releasing this content for free for the enjoyment of the listeners. This is no trivial accomplishment and everyone who does so should be thanked (especially pleasant and encouraging people). 🙂

    • I’ve said it before, but with every comment you make me feel like I should turn the keys to the blog over to you. Not going to happen though. ,^)

      You’re right. I feel the characters are very much written the way Ms. Hudock intended.

      As always, thanks for the comment.

      • Dude, I have a podcast and I might start writing more short stories. I don’t have the time or discipline to take over your blog 😉 (I’m edging up on 50 and you are trying to take my nap time away!?!)

        30 weeks in a row meeting your blog deadline! And these are reviews of whole podcast novels! You are a blogging powerhouse and it would take more than three of me to do half as well as one of you 🙂

        • 30 weeks! Wow. I’m amazed myself. Gotta get a buffer. Lol.

          Hey, I’m less than 8 years behind you. 50 is the new 20, right? ,^)

  3. First, I am sure Jenny gulped when she found out you had reviewed her work. Even with a work that may not have been your first choice in listening, you gave her the same honesty that you give everyone.

    I am very glad you rate the podcasts as I look for those that are entertaining but not overwhemingly violent. It is hard to tell just from the promos or descriptions sometimes, so thank you!

    I am sure that Jenny sighed with great relief when you said you enjoyed it, we all look for that as authors! We can take the bad reviews but the goods ones are cause for celebration.

    Myths and Dark Fairytales are very interesting to me so I am going to subscribe to Goblin Market. Thank you for your review bringing it to me.

    • You know, I hope people enjoy these reviews and when someone makes a decision based on a review, it really does make me happy. As far as an author really caring what I have to say?I’m still having a hard time believing it. Lol.

      The ratings are due solely to the request if our friend Jeff. I also think they’re a great idea.

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