Eyes on: The Nifty Tech Blog!

Title: The Nifty Tech Blog
Author: Doc Coleman
Genre: Reviews
Released: February 2010 to present
LocatedAuthor’s Site
Formats Available: blog only at this time
Rating: G for techie goodness

As many of you are aware, and quite possibly participated in, there was an auction event earlier this year with the proceeds to benefit the daughter of podcasting legend and all around good guy, Tee Morris. The auction, known as The Boom Effect, named after the young lady known as Sonic Boom went off without a hitch. More money was raised than could have been hoped and has been reported to be in Trust for her. It truly was nice to see the community come together and in such a wonderful way.

As part of the auction, Richard Asplund Jr. (of Random Pimpage) and I submitted a lot where the lucky (courageous) bidder would be simultaneously ripped to shreds, I mean discussed, on both of our blogs. The Nifty Tech Blog was the winning bidder and both Rich and myself appreciate the generosity shown in taking a chance on us and helping in this cause.

Unfortunately, what happened next was a fumble. Yup, believe it or not, two vikings do not a genius make. We both ended up with issues that prevented us from providing the intentioned smashing of the winner’s content. So, you will get my take on it here, and Rich will be providing his “over there” when time allows.

So, on to the review.

Synopsis: The Nifty Tech Blog is all about, you guessed it, nifty tech! Even before the auction I was a fan of the site, so it was easy for me to get excited about the prospect of reviewing the site.

Production: The production over at Nifty Tech is very nice. The red and cream colors and stenciled borders are particularly appealing. I have also always been a fan of “seriffed” fonts. Thankfully, Nifty Tech has foregone the use of a The Story So Far devise. On a blog, that would really be a mess.

Cast: The cast over at the Nifty Tech is a mixture of a one man show and an all star lineup! And what a lineup it is: Dropbox, the iPhoneGelaskinsBluBridge Auto – TalkCrash PlanGoogle Voice,  OmnifocusiPadGrocery Gadget, and iTunes.

Story: At Nifty Tech, the story is the cast. Without fail I can say that all of these stars are top notch in their fields and I employ six of the ten myself. I especially adore Dropbox which I use daily. Another notable fact is Nifty Tech’s willingness to employ newbies and unknowns. As a matter of fact, the BluBridge Auto-Talk was written by some guy that goes by Odin. While the product is stellar, the writing style was rather subpar for the site [ed note – yes, that review was written by me].

Verdict: All kidding aside, The Nifty Tech Blog is a fantastic site and a great resource for all your technical interests. I highly recommend it and suggest you check it out. Not only that, but Nifty Tech is always looking for new products and willing guest reviewers are happily considered. Please run by there and see what they have to offer.

Disclosure: As mentioned above, this review is being provided in an effort to make good on payment rendered. I would like to state however, that I truly endorse The Nifty Tech Blog and label them as required reading.

~ by odin1eye on 27 May, 2010.

4 Responses to “Eyes on: The Nifty Tech Blog!”

  1. Thanks for making me aware of this great site, Odin. I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time there.

    • I am very happy to have clued you in to this one, this is a really good site, and I hope you find tech you like!

    • Happy to hear that you’re interested in the site. I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends. The idea is to have something for everyone, from the tech novice to the tech expert.


      • I’ve enjoyed the nifty tech blog very much and anticipate doing so for some time to come.

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