Podcast Review #39: Brave Men Run

originally published July 28, 2010

Title: Brave Men Run
Author: Matthew Wayne Selznick
Genre: Science Fiction
Released: 10 December 2005 – 25 March 2006
Located: iTunes, Podiobooks, Author’s Site
Formats Available: Podcast, Dead Tree version, electronic versions
Rating: PG for violence and some adult situations and content

Brave Men Run is another of what I refer to as a “legacy review”, simply meaning that it is one that finished quite a while back and one that I listened to long ago. I generally review podcasts that I’ve either been subscribed to during their duration and have just ended or ones that have been completed for a bit but that I’ve still just finished listening to. I listened to Brave Men Run fairly early on in my listening of podcast fiction and now I believe is a very good time to share my thoughts on it.

So, on to the review.

Synopsis: April 18, 1985 — Into a world already wound tight with the desperate tensions of the Cold War comes a man with a startling Declaration: Metahumans exist, they demand autonomy, and Dr. William Karl Donner has the reality-bending power to enforce their status. The balance of power is thrown askew by the addition of not one more Superpower, butsix thousand.

Before the Donner Declaration, high school sophomore Nate Charters was just an outsider and self-proclaimed freak. His unusual appearance, hair-trigger reflexes, and overactive metabolism should have made him something special, but his differences and low self-esteem have long since marked him as a target for the jocks and popular kids.

Now, just as his unique nature brings him the attention of a self-assured older girl, Nate must find his place in the world. Why is he the way he is? Where did he come from? Is he part of a remarkable, powerful new minority… or just a misfit among misfits?

He’d better find out fast… others want the truth, and they’re closing in…

(minor accolade – now THAT is a synopsis!)

Production: Brave Men Run is an older podcast, and relistening to it now, that age shows a bit in comparison with some of the newest and best. However, it is still better produced than a majority of the podcasts out there. Mr. Selznick should be proud of this production and of the work that he put into it.

Cast: Mr. Selznick did all of the voicework on this podcast and he did quite a good job. This was one of the first solo read podcasts I’d listened to and in at least some small part, it is one of the reason’s that I enjoy this style of casting so much.

Story: Brave Men Run is a very interesting amalgamation of story types. It is a science fiction project at heart that through it’s science borders on fantasy and gives many and varied nods to the world of comics. I will say that throughout the story I felt like someone was reading a multipart comic story arch to me. Although I don’t have the budget to be an avid comic collector any longer, at one time I was, and I still greatly enjoy this style of storytelling. This is not a story I would call great literature or great writing. If it were ever optioned into a movie, I would anticipate it would be a summer popcorn flick, and I would not begrudge the price of the ticket.

Verdict: If you click on the Podiobook link I provided above, you will see that Mr. Selznick has garnered rave review statements from some of the premiere names in podcasting. Hutchins, Lafferty, Jeffrey, Terra, Wilson and more. I’ve always wondered if author’s read or listen to the writings that they’re commenting on, or if they listen to the whole story at least. I still don’t know and I don’t claim to, however, I do believe that Mr. Selznick’s story deserves to be heard. Do I think everyone will like it? No. Of course not. There is never anything that everyone can agree on. I am not even claiming this is one of the very best stories I’ve heard. I will say it is a good one though and if you like a good story and have ever enjoyed comics, you should give it a listen.

Disclosure: I don’t follow Mr. Selznick on Twitter. To my knowledge, he doesn’t follow me either and I don’t remember every exchanging Tweets with him.

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