Podcast Review #43: Dreaming of Deliverance

originally published August 23, 2010


Title: Dreaming of Deliverance
Author: R.E. Chambliss
Genre: Fantasy
Released: 26 October 2009 – 18 May 2010
Located: iTunes, Podiobooks
Formats Available: Podcast, Dead Tree version, electronic version
Rating: R for sexual content, language and violence

Occasionally, in my Twitter circle, I’ll hear people talking about a work of podcast fiction and for one reason or another, I just kind of unconsciously decide not to listen. I will say, it is usually because I have quite a few waiting for me in my catcher, but still, it isn’t a something I think about, I just don’t subscribe.

Later, for one reason or another, this will be brought back to my attention, and quite possibly I will then give it a listen. Dreaming of Deliverance was one of these stories for me, and if it hadn’t been for Nathan Lowell inadvertently mentioning it to me in passing, I might still not have heard it.

So, on to the review.

Synopsis: Five years ago when Lindsay Paulson, a naive college student and talented distance runner, was 18, she was convicted of drug smuggling. Now, halfway through a 10-year prison sentence, she begins having what seem to be dreams, in which she leaves her cell in the night and visits another reality called Trae. Dreaming of Deliverance tells of Lindsay’s experiences both in Trae, where she finds herself among people enslaved by terrifying creatures, and in prison where she tries to make sense of what’s happening in her sleep: Is she actually escaping from prison somehow or is she losing her mind? (stolen from Podiobooks.com)

Production: Ms. R.E. Chambliss production of her novel is quite good. There are a few instances of inconsistency, but they are few, far between and easily forgivable. The rare time where the transition music and her voice overlap and make hearing a bit more difficult for a few seconds, or the episode that is mixed just a bit hotter than the rest are quite the exception to the rule, and I’m sure I would be guilty of much, much worse. I am sure if you, as the listener, were not listening to one episode after another, you would not even be aware of some of these rare occasions.

Cast: Dreaming of Deliverance is a straight read podcast and Ms. Chambliss is the reader. She does a very nice job of reading each of the characters. She doesn’t go overboard on vocalizations or intonations and relies more on written cues to provide dialogue cues. It is well done and the story is easy to listen to.

Story: First, what I don’t like. I’ve never been a fan of alternate universes or realities. I don’t like the device of putting a character into a learning situation being the impetus for much of the story’s development and the character in that situation tends to make me unsympathetic to their plight. Maybe this goes back to Thomas Covenant, a character I really didn’t like but a story I really wanted to. However, there are several of these types of stories that have definitely proven to be exceptions. Riverworld, Amber, Shadowmagic, The Dreamer’s Thread, and now, Dreaming of Deliverance.

Verdict: Ms. Chambliss tells a great story. When I began listening to Dreaming of Deliverance, several elements reminded me of the previously reviewed The Dreamer’s Thread, but that quickly went away and each story remains completely unique. I have to say, Dreaming of Deliverance had me by the third episode. I anxiously looked forward to opportunities to listen. Ms. Chambliss jumped right into the stream and provided little more than a cursory nod to individual characters back stories. You knew who they were, why they did what they did, but not much beyond that. However, you really didn’t need to. The story grabs on and allows the reader/listener to simply enjoy it. And enjoy it I did. Yes, I would really have liked all the different threads to have a nice simple ending, but that wasn’t necessary. What was necessary happened. Ms. Chambliss entertained me throughout the entire story and left me wanting more. Thankfully there is going to eventually be more. This makes me very happy. I do happily recommend Dreaming of Deliverance and hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Oh, and Nathan… if you’ve got any more suggestions you’ve been keeping from me, spill. Now.

Disclosure: Ms. Chambliss had been following me on Twitter for a short time before I began her story. The two events were completely unrelated however, and because she engaged me in several conversations, I did return her follow and now chat with her occasionally. I even broke my own rule and provided her “clues” that I was listening to DOD. However, at no time was any incentive provided or even a suggestion made that this review would be provided. I wish someone would try to provide incentive. We’re not talking large incentives here. Cookies are good. So are first born.

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