Podcast Review #65: Prometheus Radio

originally published January 24, 2011

Title: Prometheus Radio Theatre: Season One (2005)
Director: Steven Wilson
Genre: Science Fiction
Released: 2005
Located: Author’s SiteiTunes
Formats Available: podcast only at this time
Rating: R for sex, violence, and adult situations

Well, this weeks review is another of a modern day old time radio show. I’ve explained before how much I enjoy OTR and how it was one of the stepping stones for me in finding and loving podcast fiction. I have previously reviewed two other works that Steven H. Wilson created. The 1st was taken liberty, and at the time I reviewed it, I gave it a mediocre recommendation because I felt that I had walked into the middle of a series. The second was Prisoner of the Red Planet and I gave it a much better rating as it reminded me very much of the writings of ERB John Carter series which I enjoyed very much. I recently asked for suggestions (am ALWAYS needing new content) and @Nobilis Reed and @BRKyle suggested Prometheus Radio Theatre, and the rest is history.

So, on to the review.

Synopsis: PRT, a group of experienced Baltimore-are Fan actors, writers and directors, is embarking on what we like to think is a bold, new path. We’re bringing original, SF radio dramas to Fan audiences at area conventions. The Arbiter Chronicles, which author Steve Wilson describes as “a sort of Hornblower the Vampire Slayer in Space.” Arbiters tells the tale of young midshipmen and women in a future Navy, went the human race has expanded off earth, and things ain’t as bright and cheerful as some might expect. (Stolen from iTunes)

Production: The production for Prometheus Radio Theatre is much in line with what they’re trying to emulate. Old time radio dramas. There are some differences, but the feel is much the same. If you’ve ever listened to old time scifi serials, you’ll know what I mean. They do use panning for characters to a much larger degree. In fact, I was using only one ear piece and the effect was used to such an extent that you couldn’t hear the other half of the conversation. After going back to both ear pieces, I noticed on two accounts where the character switched from one ear to the other mid sentence. Not a terrible production by any means, but all in all it falls in the range of average for me.

Grade: C

Cast: The voice actors for Prometheus Radio Theatre range in age and style to a great degree. There are some stage and television actors that you might recognize that have guest starred and they, along with the regulars, do a very nice job of keeping you in the moment. I was quite pleased with all of the cast and was especially impressed with Steve Wilson’s son, Kyle (I believe) in the boy god story arch.

Grade: A-

Story: The stories are good. They are not great, but they are good. After having heard two other examples of Mr. Wilson’s work, I’m inclined to believe the 15 minute or less episodes (yes, that is correct, they are SHORT) contributes to the “soso-ness” of the stories. Seriously, there is no way I could create a story that could be delivered in 10 minute intervals, but Prometheus does on a regular basis.

Grade: B

Verdict: Most of the time I’m listening to podiofiction, I’m looking for something that will take me at least my commute (30″). However, there are times I’m looking for something longer or shorter and I do enjoy something that I can jump in and swim with. Prometheus Radio Theatre fits this bill nicely.

Disclosure: Same ol Same ol. Don’t know any of the players, haven’t been bribed and or persuaded to do a review by any concerned. Someday, someone will offer me something. Oh, believe me,  I’ll take it. But I’ll tell you I did. Cheers!

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