Podcast #103: The Starter

originally published October 17, 2011

Title: The Starter
Author: Scott Sigler
Genre: Science Fiction
Released: 28 March 2010 – 16 October 2011
Located: iTunes, Podiobooks, Author’s Site
Formats Available: dead tree, podcast, ebook

This book, The Starter, written by author Scott Sigler is the sequel to the Science Fiction/Football novel The Rookie. If you haven’t heard/read The Rookie, I strongly suggest you do so. The Starter continues the story begun there. You don’t necessarily need the previous story to understand this one, but since The Rookie has always been my favorite of Scott Sigler’s books, I recommend you don’t miss it.

So, on to the review.

Synopsis: Last season, 19-year-old rookie quarterback Quentin Barnes overcame his racism and unified his team. Now, he and the Ionath Krakens have to compete against the greatest football teams ever assembled and do far more than just survive each game. As he rebuilds the team in his own image, Quentin truly begins his life-long quest for a Tier One Championship. (stolen from podiobooks.com)

Production: The production of The Starter lives up to the remarkable standards that Mr. Sigler has become known for. I’ve always preferred a rather minimalistic approach to production unless you have the skills of someone like Dan Sawyer. Mr. Sigler (or his production team of A Kovaks and Arioch Morningstar) keeps the production simple but clean. Seriously, if you’re considering podcasting your novel, you could do much worse than trying to replicate Mr. Sigler’s sound.

Grade: A

Cast: Mr. Sigler, as always, performs The Starter as a self read. Mr. Sigler has always gone above and beyond when it comes to reading life into his characters. I especially love his personification of the Galaxy Sports show trio. If you haven’t enjoyed Mr. Sigler’s reading of his other stories, you probably not need waste your time here. If you, however, have enjoyed any of Mr. Sigler’s other works, and you especially enjoy an extra dose of wit and sarcasm, you’ll probably like the reading Mr. Sigler provides here.

Grade A

Story: As the synopsis states, this is the story of Quentin Barnes. What happens in his second season in the GFL? Will Quentin become a team player? Well, those answers are definitely answered here. Unfortunately, all those answers will do is leave you wanting more.

Grade A

Verdict: I can no longer say that The Rookie is my favorite story of Mr. Sigler’s. The series continues to ramp up with each story. One isn’t necessarily better than another, but the entire package is one you shouldn’t miss. With the completion of The Starter (on Mr. Sigler’s site at least) there is no reason not to dive in now.

Disclaimer: I do follow Mr. Sigler on Twitter (@scottsigler). I tweet at him occasionally, but more because I just enjoy reading his stream.

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