Book Review #136: Cape Grace


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Title: Cape Grace
Author: Nathan Lowell
Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera
Released: 2020
Located: Amazon
Formats Available: ebook, paperback coming soon
Rating: PG-13 for violence and abuse

I would be willing to bet that Nathan Lowell has been reviewed more on View from Valhalla than any other author. It isn’t because he pays me (he doesn’t) or because I count him as one of my few true friends (I do). It’s because he writes amazing stories. It is through his stories that our friendship began, but I can honestly say that if you have the chance to talk to Nathan, you’ll want to count him as a friend as well.

So, on to the review.

Synopsis: When Otto Krugg’s daughter follows in his footsteps, he’s faced with the task of changing a century long rule that will force her to make decisions no one should have to make.

When Jimmy Pirano gets tasked with enforcing that rule – no matter what – he goes down the rabbit hole to try to find out who established the rule. And why they can’t let it go. (Stolen from Amazon)

Story: This is a sequel and a prequel of sorts. Nathan is most well known for his Golden Age of the Solar Clipper stories. Ishmael Wang lives and breaths in many of our hearts. If you haven’t read these books (or listened to them) I recommend you stop what you’re reading now, and go obtain a copy of Quarter Share. The rest of the series will be waiting for you. The second book in the series (Half Share) introduces us to the character of Sarah Krugg as a young adult and shares with us some of the tragedy she’s all ready experienced. Many readers I’ve conversed with have been haunted by Sarah’s story since they first encountered her.

Mr. Lowell many years ago wrote a story centered on the planet of St. Cloud, South Coast, in which we met the Krugg family, and watched the boy, Otto, that would grow to be Sarah’s father become a young man. Cape Grace finally tells us the story of the previously lost years of Sarah’s childhood.

SettingCape Grace takes place predominantly on St. Cloud, a company owned planet where all inhabitants either work for the company or are married to somone that does. If one of these two conditions are not met by the time you’re 18, you are expelled. There is one exception to this rule, and this exception drives the story.  Both South Coast and Cape Grace are centered in fishing villages along the coast of the planet. Life on the coast is comprised of hardwork and hard people.

Characters: The story revolves around Sarah and her father Otto. Both are complex beings and are dealing with issues and trials that reduced me to a quivering mass on more than one occassion. Mr. Lowell excels at writing complex characters. His characters are almost always beautifully flawed in all the right ways.

VerdictCape Grace is truly amazing. It’s painful in a way that you know it has to be, but that knowledge still doesn’t really prepare you for the reality. There will be a third book in the series, but Mr. Lowell has indicated that Sarah’s story is complete. Anyone that has read Mr. Lowell’s books can verify when I say, he never has promised us a happy ending, and this one was more bittersweet than most.

Grade: A+
Just buy it.

Disclosure: Alhtough I did beta read this story for Mr. Lowell, I did not receive this books in return for a review, and I did purchase a final copy.

Obvious self promotion: As a reminder, I will review books (in ePub or audio) provided for review, but they will be noted as such.

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