Call for reviews!

Greetings all. I’m wanting to try something new. For most of it’s time in existence, View from Valhalla has been dedicated to finding stories of interest and trying to bring them to a wider audience. Occasionally, I have reviewed something other than a book, for the same reason.

Life has a way of getting busier than we’d like. I’m finding it harder to make time to create reviews these days and have been giving a lot of thought about what to do about it. I’d prefer to keep VfV alive and on mission, but I’ve decided I need a bit of help from the rest of you Asgardians.

Do you have a book, an album, a painting, a series of photos or anything else art related you’d like to help gain exposure? Then I have a deal for you.

I’m looking for guest reviewers. It can be about anything you have found interesting, or even had hoped to find interesting (not all reviews need be positive).

So, let’s talk about the rules and how to go about this:

  • If you’re reviewing something that has a beginning and an end, you need to get to the end before you review. Yes, even if it’s painful.
  • Try to find at least one thing positive (if possible). This isn’t mandatory, and if something is totally without merit in your opinion, you’re welcome to share it in a professional way.
  • No politics. This is hard and fast. If you’re wanting to review Tucker Carlson or Hilary Clinton’s newest books, please find another outlet.
  • Independent and less well known authors, artists, and artistic types have always been my preferred targets of review. This is not a hard and fast rule, but more of a suggestion. However, if you’re wanting to review the latest SuperHero movie, bring a fresh take on it if possible.
  • Provide a short bio. Each reviewer will be given (or you can choose for yourself) a Norse deity’s identity for the reviews. You can choose to identify yourself in the bio or not, but give us a bit of your personality. No, we are not playing 2 truths and a lie. I don’t care if any of it is truth. It’s a blog for Valhalla’s sake.
  • Please do not review something you had a hand in creating. If you’re the artist, author, publisher, agent, son, daughter or best friend, try to find someone that will give an honest review for you. But feel free to review someone else’s content!
  • Please email all reviews to Valhalla.
  • I, as the All Father, reserve the right to refuse any review for any reason. Yes, that does mean if you try to post positively about Twilight (in either book or film iteration) it will be denied.

I really am hoping I’ll get some people that will come play in my sandbox. I’ll try to keep the bullies from knocking down the castles made by others (in comments, etc). Hope to see you’re review soon.

~ by odin1eye on 28 March, 2022.

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