Guest Review #1: The Pelbar Cycle by Paul O. Williams, reviewed by Baldr (aka Ed Hanzel)

I was thrilled when my last post garnered a few interested replies. Baldr and I are both in a group on Facebook devoted to the novels of Nathan Lowell (Golden Age of the Solar Clipper). He mentioned his love of The Pelbar Cycle and was kind enough to write up a short review. I asked Baldr if he’d be interested in returning to review each book more in depth at a later date, to which he has agreed, time permitting.

So, without further ado.. our first guest review:

The Pelbar Cycle is five books written by Paul O. Williams in the 1980’s.  The story take place years after an Armageddon event.  Great stories of individuals that help to bring isolated groups of people in the North American continent together again while dealing with their own struggles.

I love that the book does not use bad language, although you will hear a few “slithering snake” or “fish guts” insults.  Perfect for young readers and adults alike.

This is one of the few authors I go back and read time and time again.  If you enjoy Nathan Lowell’s Solar Clipper Ship series, you will enjoy this as well.

You can find book one of The Pelbar Cycle, The Breaking of Northwall in ebook format on Amazon and at Apple Books (and other fine book sellers I’m sure).

Thanks Baldr! Looking forward to seeing what each book in the series brings to the table.

~ by odin1eye on 3 May, 2022.

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