Podcast Challenge!

Good evening everyone! A few minutes ago I laid down a challenge on twitter to the relatively small group of friends that follow me.

You see, I am a huge fan of technology. I love the iPod. Including my iPhone, I have five. I discovered, and fell in love with, podcasts about six years ago. My how the market has grown during that time.

I also have a daily commute that leaves me alone in the car for a minimum of an hour a day. Due to all of these factors, I have become a huge fan of serialized fiction.

As a way to thank these authors that give so freely of their efforts, I try to donate to them directly when I can and purchase their books that are in print whenever possible.

However, I’ve been thinking lately that I’d like to do more. Since starting this blog, I’ve found that I have a previously umdiscovered joy, knowing that people are actually reading the thoughts that I’m electronically making available. That thought led me to the obvious realization that listeners are probably what the authors would appreciate most.

So, the challenge…

I want everyone to pick their favorite (or two, or six or however many) podcast(s) and somehow get that podcast five or more new subscribers.

Rules are simple: the podcast should be one that is currently in production. If we want to do one with legacy ‘casts, that would be cool too, but let’s keep them separate. I am going with Weather Child, because as I’m sure you’ve guessed from reading the first ever post on this blog, for some reason I seem to have an emotional investment in this story (Thanks Pip) (Tee, I’m REALLY trying to be patient for Legacy). I’m going to download and burn the first nine episodes to cd and hand them out to people at work, then follow up with them and see if they’re enjoying it. If so, I’ll ask if I can help set them up to subscribe.

Now here’s the catch. Accountability. I created a hashtag on twitter for everyone to keep tally. As you get someone to subscribe just tweet to #podcastchallenge the podcast you’re fighting for and the number of new subscriptions you’ve garnered for it. I would love to see one hundred or more subscriptions, for all ‘casts combined, come out of this.

If you don’t twitter, feel free to post your efforts here and I will tweet them on your behalf. Please feel free to post your comments or lay down your own challenge as well.

You’ve been challenged.

Are you up to it?

~ by odin1eye on 7 April, 2009.

7 Responses to “Podcast Challenge!”

  1. Can I compel you to listen to my fiction podcast? You can find it at http://www.thegearheart.com

    Also, I’m listening to Weather Child now. Score one for you!

    • Hi Alex. I have been compelled. Really it was an easy sale. I promise to post a comment after having listened to a couple of the eps.

      And I am THRILLED that I helped you find Weather Child! I hope you enjoy it literally 1/2 as much as I have been.


      • It is absolutely rocking. I’ve been listening to it for hours now! Pip has such an incredible reading voice- she sounds almost exactly like Lucy Lawless 😉

        • I could not agree with you more. Are you familiar with her other works? I strongly recommend all podcasts by Pip and Tee Morris. You could not go wrong.

  2. Now if only I *looked* like Lucy Lawless! =p

    • Yeah, maybe, but Lucy would say, “If only I was as talented as Pip”. ,-D Do miss Xena though. Was a good time had by all.

  3. Don’t forget your tallies! How are you doing?

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