Perspective. How many times have I lost it? How many times must I be reminded?

I’ve had an interesting day to say the least. I’ll start by giving you a little of the backstory of my life.

In November of 2007, two momentous events happened in my life. First, we had a scare with a fatal contagious disease due to my wife’s work as an RN. If she had been infected, chances were strong that our then 11 month old would have been exposed too.

When we got the news, I felt like I couldn’t breath. We had been having such a beautiful life and to think that it could all be taken away? Wow.

Well, as bad as that was, more was added. Less than two weeks later, the weekend before the baby’s first birthday, I was sacked. Yep, just like those responsible for the Moose in the credits. Unfortunately, it wasn’t nearly as humorous in real life.

It was a pretty dark time for me and my wife. Through it all we were supported by our families and the few folk that could be truly classified as friends. And we had our faith. Or maybe that should be Faith.

I haven’t gotten preachy on my blog to this point, but I truly do believe that God is a being that sent a son to earth, and that regardless of his human name, this Son was sacrificed on a cross and rose again. If you wish to discuss this more with me, there is always the comment section and I’ll be happy to discuss this with you in other appropriate forums as well.

Anywho, these events brought my life into glaring focus. They gave me back my Perspective. Faith, family and friends (wish for a few more, but again, perspective). During 2008, life was pretty bleak from the outside. I was persona non grata in my chosen profession due to the malicious effect of my previous employer and completely unemployed through March of that year. At that point, I had a call from an old friend who still worked with a mutual previous employer and they needed some temp work completed. It involved using Adobe InDesign, and since I had been their trainer in that app while I was there, it was natural that they ask if I had the time. I had nothing but. So then I was a temp for the better part of the next six months. At which time I was picked up by the same employer that had been using me as a temp, BUT rather than employee in the field for which I have studied, I was hired to be a Social Studies Specialist. Wow. Never saw that coming.

But you know what? Perspective. I have a job. Might not be the one I would have chosen, but I am valued and know that I am doing a decent job. I am thankful for what I’ve been given.

Soon after being hired, that last of the series of tests came back clearing my wife of all infection. That is the biggest relief of my life. Nothing else really matters.

Yes, other things have happened. We had EXTENSIVE repair work done on the foundation of our house. More than half of what I made during the entire year would be needed to pay that bill. Yesterday, we learned that approximately 3k more needs done. AND following directly on that was a call from my mom (or mum as some would say) letting me know that she had just found out that she has at least one instance of basal cell carcinoma. Again, it’s hard to breath. But you know what? Perspective. Again.

When I got the news concerning the house, I was mad, hurt, upset, and worried about the money. After my mom called, well, the house is just a house. Money is just money. If the house fell down and we were bankrupt, somehow, we would go on. Researching basal cell also put into perspective how much worse this could be. (Basal cell carcinoma is a type of skin cancer. Thankfully, it has a 90% recovery rate and usually is easily treatable.) My mother’s biopsy results haven’t been returned yet. But I do have my Faith and I do believe it will be all right.

In reflection, I hope that I learn to keep Perspective during the good times, and not have to be reminded solely when trouble rears it’s ugly head. I also find it somewhat ironic that, although I’m far from a quiet person, some of the people I feel closest to these days (outside my family) are people I’ve never even met. Just saying. ,)

Faith, family, friends. Perspective.

~ by odin1eye on 10 April, 2009.

2 Responses to “Perspective”

  1. When they say love is all you need, it covers all those important things. Perspective indeed.

    • Pip, you are so right. And you should know, you are way up there at the top of the list of friends I’ve never met. You give love and friendship easier than some would give a glass of water to a stranger. I could not be happier for you right now. You deserve every bit of it! Cheers!

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