If you’re not following me on Twitter, that is okay. In fact, while I love Twitter and am an admitted tweet addict, I would prefer you not follow me if you’re not going to tweet me up.

You see, for me Twitter is all about the conversation. (The social in social media if you please) If you’re following me, you are going to see a heck of alot of tweeting going on. Maybe too much. In fact, you might drop me. However, if you choose to put up with my babble, eventually I should say something that interests you. When that happens, ENGAGE me!

You see, I have a protected account. If I find someone through mutual follows that interests me, I will follow them. Most of the time though, I wait for people that follow me to chat me up. If they do it a couple of times, and they engage me in a conversation, (can be either something I mention, or just ask me a question) I’ll THEN follow them back. Why? Well, because I talk to every single person I follow. Individually. I try to get to know them personally. My best friends are now all in virtual space (and no, I really don’t think that is “sad”, although I would like them all to move nearer, LOL).

I know this is radically different from the way most people run their Twitter accounts. That is okay. I’ve always been known to be a bit different. I’ve been doing it this way for most of a year now, and it works for me.

If somehow you’ve stumble across this blog, (and read it all the way through) and you are NOT on Twitter, I recommend you find a copy of the book All a Twitter by Tee Morris. It is exceedingly simple, yet very well done and an enjoyable read. There is an accompanying blog and podcast available here.

Remember, play nice, share, bring enough for everyone! Now #getoffmylawn!

~ by odin1eye on 20 August, 2009.

6 Responses to “#justsaying”

  1. “this is radically different from the way most people run their Twitter accounts”

    To me this is the main reason Twitter works for so many people, yet so many others just don’t get it. Twitter is so open and so simple that, unlike most resources on the web, it can fit around your way of doing things.

    That is why I have 2 main accounts – one for the podcast, for me to announce what’s new and for people to feedback directly about it, and the other for the people I would consider either friends or essential reading (favourite writers, musicians & bloggers mostly). In that way I can have hundreds following @SOScotland to keep in touch that way (and I will follow back unless obviously spammers or SEO ‘experts’), but I only need to respond to @s, RTs or DMs – I don’t read the whole feed except very occasionally. I do read my main feed regularly, but have fewer followers and only a select bunch of people I follow, so the signal-to-noise ratio is pretty high.

    • I would agree Mick. The availability to adapt twitter to our personal preferences is one of the things I like most about it.

      I would also like to say everyone that in no way am I insinuating that others should use twitter like I do (just wanted to go on the record there).

  2. I like this idea. I know that Odin gives me credit here, but I really don’t think I deserve it.
    Here is the way I look at Twitter. If you want to follow me fine, but unless you have something to offer me don’t expect me to follow you back. If you are just trying to sell me something, usually something I don’t want (some guy followed me when I quoted men in tights trying to sell me Men’s Tights.) don’t bother.
    I do follow authors I like and people I see them talking to. But then again, I some times unfollow those people that I am not interested in.
    Like you I try to talk to each person that I follow, maybe not all the time, but at least occationally, after all that is why I am following them. Some times my converstion will come in the form of a smart a** comment, but it is meant to be part of the conversation and noise.
    I don’t have a send twitter account that I use for Great Hites instead I do everything with one account, so some times I am sure I annoy people with my GH announcements. But GH is what I do. It is my one big project, and since it is a community effort I think it is worth the few people I will offend with my announcements.
    So what was I saying here? One if you are following someone, talk to them. Don’t just follow me and then not say anything. Even if all you say is hi. I don’t bite, usually, and when I do I don’t bite hard. Twitter is a great way to meet people and interact with folks, but it does require that you interact.

    • And that is EXACTLY what I was trying to get across. Again, it works for me (and obviously Jeff). Thanks Jeff for coming by and dropping the comment off! By the way GreatHites is a wonderful weekly podcast. Check it out!

  3. I mostly use twitter this way as well (conversationally). I also use it to promote my stuff though. I’ve thought about having a separate account for Archangel and whatnot but I just don’t see the point. If someone is a “fan” (and it still gives me goosebumps to think that I have fans) then I want to convo with them and would follow them with my main account anyway.

    I do follow people who I don’t really talk with, though they follow me first most often. I’ll almost always follow back unless you’re an obvious spammer or you’re a “collector” (10K+ followers). In those cases I break out the Katana.

    I suppose my hope is with those people that they’ll say something interesting. I’m almost always disappointed, but hey you never know.

    Interaction is key to it all though, I agree. If you’re just tweeting links and quotes and other filler then you’re missing out on 99% of the fun.

    • Thanks Scott! I can appreciate that. I cannot imagine having 10,000 followers. Yes, I would block those as well. Thanks again!

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