Podcast Challenge – Part 2


I am currently celebrating the one year anniversary of View from Valhalla. My, how quickly a year goes, and how much things change. When I first started this blog, I had no idea what I would be doing with it. I knew I had opinions (hence the tagline) and I knew I loved social media. I was also very new to Twitter (well, at least being involved to a large extent) and had no idea that one would help feed the other (strangely, the have helped each other).

Almost a full year ago, I wrote a post entitled Podcast Challenge, in which I challenged my few number of Twitter followers, and many fewer readers of this blog, to spread the word concerning their favorite podcasts. At the time, I was listening to Weather Child and I really wanted to get the word out on what a wonderful story it was and how much I was enjoying it. I was successful in my part of the challenge and got that podcast 5 new subscribers, but unfortunately, the challenge never bore the fruit I had hoped for, so as an anniversary event, I’ve decided to lay down the challenge again.

So, here it is:

Choose your favorite work of podcast fiction. It can be any genre, any style, any cast type. It really doesn’t matter. Pimp that podcast however you choose. Gain five new listeners for it. You can choose more than one podcast if you want, but then you need to gain it an ADDITIONAL five listeners. (Each podcast is independent, five total listeners for five separate podcasts doesn’t count.)

This year I am changing one rule: it can be ANY work of podcast fiction. Last year, I was asking people to choose something currently in production. In retrospect, this was probably a mistake. Choose any work you want. Burn a couple of eps on a CD. Go crazy with a DVD. USB thumb drives are incredibly cheap these days. Spread the word!


Now, how do we know how we’re doing? Twitter! Let’s revive the hashtag #podcastchallenge. When you gain a new listener for your favorite podcast, simply post it on Twitter with the aforementioned hashtag. Example: 1 new subscriber for Some Other Scotland!! #podcastchallenge

Timeframe? Well, we can keep it going forever if you want, but i really would like to see who can get their five by the end of April.

Keep a running total letting us know how it is going. Are you an author? Pimp your own book! Spread the word! Don’t worry about giving credit to VFV, I’m really not worried about it. However, if you’re up for a little extra accountability (like me asking how you’re doing), feel free to leave a comment here stating which podcast(s) you’re going to be promoting.

Good luck!

~ by odin1eye on 1 April, 2010.

10 Responses to “Podcast Challenge – Part 2”

  1. I think I will, as always, go with your suggestion and pimp “Some Other Scotland”. 🙂 Only because you said so. 🙂

  2. This is a great idea (once again). I missed the last round but I’ll be pimping my new podcast novel coming out next month. http://www.scrivenerscircle.com

  3. yeah that’d require my hashtags to actually show up… remember twitter does not deem me a “Quality user”

    • As much as that still sucks, we can work around it. Let one of us know and we’ll tweet/hashtag it for you!

  4. I’ve heard of this great little comedy podcast called ‘GalaxyBillies’. Maybe I’ll do some pimping of that one.

  5. Thanks for your continued support of our community. You truly rock!

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